Sir Agravain of Orkney (asshatoforkney) wrote,
Sir Agravain of Orkney

3-way: Millicent and Merlin

Well, now he's pissed. Typist willing, he'll lurch forward suddenly and swing a flaming arm at Millicent's head.

Continued from here. I would suggest an Agravain-Millicent-Merlin order, if the other typists are agreeable?
Tags: !3-way, merlin, millicent bulstrode
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Millicent giggles as she ducks, and then murmurs a spell to protect her from the flames. "Are you nice and warm?" she quotes him.
Merlin isn't exactly pleased to have to interrupt, but hey, he was just wandering about.

Typist willing, there'll be a hand gesture, and a frown, and Agravain is going to have a little raining cloud of his own to put him out.
Agravain's just going to stand under the cloud, then, waiting for the flames to go out, and looking vaguely annoyed.

He would have preferred to not be sopping wet, Merlin.
Millicent is once again impressed with the power radiating off the wizard, and she's worried about retribution from him. From Agravain? Not so much. "He did say I "should"," she points out. She might have taken a step or two back though, while Merlin cast the cloud spell, ready to flee.
Merlin might be getting some schadenfreude from getting Agravain soaked, we won't lie. Besides, the little cloud over his head really fits him well!

"Your judgement clearly wasn't at its best, then, lass," Merlin says sedately.

He's ignoring the asshat. Predictably.
Agravain's not going to say anything just yet. He'll stay under his cloud and let Merlin deal with Millicent for a while. He is getting progressively grumpier, though.
"I think perhaps it was his lack," Millicent disagrees in a calm, cool tone, indicating Agravain with a nod. "He did ask for it, quite literally." She looks at Agravain with disdain. "Besides trying to convince me I wouldn't be able to resist him."
Merlin chuckles, than looks at Agravain. "Ever the same, Sir Agravain. Never taking no for an answer, aye?"
Agravain just looks annoyed. "Would you mind making this thing disappear?" he asks, not at all politely.

Your cloud, he does not like it.
Millicent's eyes narrow, simply because she doesn't like Agravain. "Why don't I make you disappear?" she offers. She'd really love to throw a solid Killing Curse at someone, and he's a certainly nice target.
"Now now, lass, don't even consider it," Merlin says sedately.

Mind you, the cloud is not going anywhere either.
"Well, it would get me out from under this damned cloud."

He should probably know better than to sarcastically encourage Millicent by now. But he's still doing it.
Millicent lifts her wand. Well, Gellert's wand, but he's letting her use it, and it certainly works well enough for her. She's spinning it in her fingers, eyes narrowed on Agravain. The only thing holding her back is Merlin's presence. She has sense enough to know his magic is more powerful than her own.

Though if you want to give her permission, she'd be easily provoked to do it, consequences be damned.
Typist willing, Millicent's wand is going to fly out of her hand, with just a little gesture of Merlin's.

Otherwise, just assume he did nothing but observe the exchange. :P
"He's ruining all our fun," Agravain says to Millicent, assuming Merlin was successful in getting rid of her wand. If he wasn't, we're not sure Agravain will be saying anything, erm.

Well, since Aggy's already cheated death about 439826482763 times, if it comes down to it I wouldn't mind if he finally gets bumped off. So we'll see how it goes?
Millicent's chin juts forward in her pique. She's infuriated that the older wizard took her wand away, though she's trying to stay calm. She can perform many spells without a wand, but she can't complete a killing curse. She eyes Merlin. "Tell me you only took that from me so you can do the honors?" Because honestly, did he not just hear Agravain still being mouthy?
Merlin looks at Millicent, shakes his head.

"Power is to be used responsibly, not to petty means, lass. That is why you are now wandless."

He dismisses the cloud, at last.

"And you, Sir Agravain, had best watch that foul mouth of yours, lest it close up forever."
"I do watch it," Agravain replies, solemnly. "I watch it as it says beautifully witty things."
"My dislike for this excuse for a man is not petty," Millicent answers with utter certainty. "He asked me to set him afire, and so I did. One shouldn't ask for things unless they really want them."

She spares Agravain a glance before speaking to the other wizard, the only one worth speaking to. "If you'll return my wand, you can protect him whilst I leave."
"I might, if it were your wand," Merlin replies lightly. He waves a hand, examines it, notes who its owner is.

"Yes. Fascinating," Agravain agrees, though he has no idea what Merlin's talking about.
Millicent regally tilts her chin. "Grindelwald shared his wand with me as I haven't my own here, for my use. And my protection." She eyes Agravain as she says the last. She doesn't fear the cad, but Merlin doesn't have to know that.
"Of course he did," he replies - alas for Millicent, Merlin's met Gellert. "And setting non-magical folk on fire does not qualify."
"I quite enjoyed it," Agravain comments, trying to interrupt their conversation and be as annoying as possible.
Millicent shoots Merlin a look as if Agravain has just completely proven her innocence with his last words. She makes a growling noise, but manages to say nothing further to her victim, at least for the moment. Instead, she continues to give Merlin her attention.

"If you will not return the wand, I need to tell Gellert -- who has it?"