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(for medraut) my brothers are deaaaaad

Agravain has never been one to hide himself away when he's upset. Which is why he's on the front porch, under the verandah, sitting slumped against the side of the Mansion. It's one of the most public places he could find. He has a bottle of something alcoholic in one hand (he didn't check to see what it was, and he's not in the right state of mind to notice or care). He's drinking it in long gulps, and there's something tense and too quick about his movements. Between that and the scowl on his face, he's practically radiating anger.

That might be why nobody's approached him yet.

He hasn't actually cried. He doesn't usually, not even about things like this. That would mean letting his mind stop racing and sit still for a moment, which he doesn't. He keeps thinking about Gareth and Gaheris, trying to imagine how they would both look dead, and letting himself get angrier and angrier. It keeps him going.

He's currently watching the stairs, waiting for someone to come up, wanting to see if anyone will have the courage (or stupidity) to approach a big, angry, drunk, dangerous looking man.

((so, for medraut, as the title says. but if anyone else really wants an angry drunken agravain, they can poke me? backdated (obviously, since agravain's dead at the moment) to who the fuck knows when. rp timelines are the bane of my existence.))
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Medraut's not pleased to see Agravain looking so angry (or drunk). Partly because it means he breaks things (and people) and partly because Agravain's his brother and it bothers him to see his brothers upset, even if they are assholes.

But he doesn't guess the reason for the man's demeanour. Medraut tries to avoid thinking about his dead brothers, and he intends to keep them a secret from Agravain for as long as possible (he knows Gawain might tell him -- but he doubts they would have a serious enough conversation to get to that point, really). He assumes Agravain's had some pointless fight with someone and come off the worse for it. Otherwise, if he knew the true reason, he'd likely not approach his brother.

He saunters toward Agravain, deliberately not showing any reaction to his brother's mood. "Spurned by yet another fair maiden?" he asks casually.
"Yes," Agravain barks, harshly. Much more harshly than he usually does, even when he's angry and drunk. This is obviously not just another pointless fight. "That's exactly what it is. When were you planning on telling me that Gareth and Gaheris were dead?"

Getting straight to the point.
Oh shit.

He must have talked to Gawain. Medraut tries to appear as casual as before. He shrugs. "In time," he lies, in his best concerned-brother voice, "it's not an easy thing to hear -- I wanted to give you time to adjust to being dead, being here, before."

Actually, he was planning on never telling Agravain, but he thinks his brother might be even angrier if he knew that.
Agravain knows you far too well to believe that, Medraut.

"It's been well over a bloody year, Medraut," he spits. He is really pissed. And he does not appreciate being lied to.
"And so?" Medraut replies, more harshly now. "Weren't you happier not knowing?"
"Of course." Agravain's voice is getting harsher, too. "I've always loved having people keep important news from me. Thank you, Medraut. This has been the best year of my life."
"It's not "important news" here," Medraut says, "none of it is, anymore. You just have to forget, pretend it never happened, or it's too hard to bear this place," he shakes his head, gives Agravain a sad, determined look. "You were better off not knowing, trust me."
"That's funny," Agravain says. "Because I feel like I'm better off now that I do know. Because I know you're a useless, untrustworthy arse who only thinks about himself."

He would not be going so heavy on the insults if he wasn't drunk.

I love this thread already :3c
"If only you'd noticed when everyone else said it, you might have saved yourself the trouble," he replies, stiffly. He looks angry, and he is, at least in part, but in part it's because he'd rather Agravain see him angry than desperately sad, and he's so hopeless at talking about the past without that.

"Sorry, brother," he says, with deliberate and very obvious insincerity.

it is great :D
Agravain rolls his eyes. "Good God, I don't think I've ever heard a more heartfelt apology. I forgive you. Come and hold me, I think I'm going to weep."

He sounds just as sincere as Medraut does.

these two are so wonderfully tragic :3c
"I'll find you a handkerchief, dear lady," Medraut says sarcastically, "Well, let me try again: sorry you're too goddamn stupid to understand I was trying to help you,"

And then, a bit more gently, exasperated, "Brother."

:3 :3 :3
"What?" Agravain asks. "Does it upset you when I don't believe every stupid lie you tell?"
"You believed it well enough until you were told otherwise," Medraut says. He can guess Gawain must have said something -- Agravain wouldn't have been able to figure it out on his own. "And you were happier believing it, I'd reckon."
Agravain gives him a venomous look. "You were happier when I believed it, you mean."
"No, I said what I meant," Medraut says, "I'm sorry you can't acknowledge that it's true."
"I'm sorry you can't acknowledge that you're an arse."

What a witty, mature comeback, amirite?


November 3 2012, 12:25:52 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  November 3 2012, 12:26:07 UTC

"Oh, I'm an arse," Medraut snaps, "I can acknowledge that well enough. But that's not why I did what I did, and you know that well enough, too."
"You're right. I'm sorry. You didn't do it because you're an arse, you did it because talking about it was too painful, and your feelings are more important than everyone else's."
Medraut crosses his arms. "Oh, and I suppose it's not painful for you? No painful feelings at all now you know, hmm? Clearly this was just about my feelings."
"Oh, yes," he says, and the words come out more angry and bitter than he had intended. Not that he cares. "I'm not upset at all. In fact, I'm very happy. I think I might weep from joy."