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(for medraut and gawain) did you know it would turn out this bad if you did it this way?

It's a perfectly lovely day outside, and if Medraut's out and about, he likely won't notice anything amiss. Not at first. It's quiet except for some distant birdsong and the sighing of the breeze, and there's no one else around.

No one who's actually alive, that is.

The Winchesters have long since gone, and Agravain's on his own, out near the edge of the woods, by the base of a big fir tree. Medraut might notice the smell first. It's not Agravain's body. It hasn't had time to rot yet. But he might catch the sticky scent of blood underneath the smell of leaves and fresh air.

There's a lot of blood. The front of Agravain's shirt is wet with it, red and drying to brown around the edges. There's another patch on the ground, far enough away that it must have belonged to someone else. And Agravain's sword, lying just a few inches from his fingertips, is coated in it.

Agravain is lying on his back, his head lolled to one side and his eyes still wide open. The seven holes in his shirt (and chest) look small for something that killed such a big man. The way he lies is too still and too heavy, and even from a distance, he is very obviously dead.

Have fun, Medraut :D

((the thread where he got killed is over here, if anyone's wondering.))
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