Sir Agravain of Orkney (asshatoforkney) wrote,
Sir Agravain of Orkney

(for medraut) my brothers are deaaaaad

Agravain has never been one to hide himself away when he's upset. Which is why he's on the front porch, under the verandah, sitting slumped against the side of the Mansion. It's one of the most public places he could find. He has a bottle of something alcoholic in one hand (he didn't check to see what it was, and he's not in the right state of mind to notice or care). He's drinking it in long gulps, and there's something tense and too quick about his movements. Between that and the scowl on his face, he's practically radiating anger.

That might be why nobody's approached him yet.

He hasn't actually cried. He doesn't usually, not even about things like this. That would mean letting his mind stop racing and sit still for a moment, which he doesn't. He keeps thinking about Gareth and Gaheris, trying to imagine how they would both look dead, and letting himself get angrier and angrier. It keeps him going.

He's currently watching the stairs, waiting for someone to come up, wanting to see if anyone will have the courage (or stupidity) to approach a big, angry, drunk, dangerous looking man.

((so, for medraut, as the title says. but if anyone else really wants an angry drunken agravain, they can poke me? backdated (obviously, since agravain's dead at the moment) to who the fuck knows when. rp timelines are the bane of my existence.))
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